“There isn't one weak track on Between Lines - they all rock!" - Sleaze Roxx

Massive thanks to Olivier from Sleaze Roxx for taking the time to review the CD release of 'Between Lines'. You can see what she has to say here: https://sleazeroxx.com/reviews/cavendish-sniff-between-lines/

Our 'Between Lines' EP is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, CD Baby and many more. If you want to buy a signed copy of the CD complete with 'a Whiff of the Sniff' bonus tracks then email cavendishsniff@gmail.com for more info.

Vote for The Sniff to Play Sweden Rock 2019!!

Sweden Rock Festival are asking for you to submit your band requests for 2019 and we would really fucking like that gig!!! Please take the time to follow the link and vote for us as well as 4 other bands you want us to share the bill with: https://www.swedenrock.com/en/festival/artists/band-wishes-2019

Now, we all wanna see Van Halen and Poison venture out of the USA but if you are stuck for other suggestions then we'd be grateful if you would also consider our friends Black Roze & Thunderstick, Idle Bones, Spyder Byte and Leader of Down. You can then vote for a second time for another 5 bands so maybe you'll wanna add Cyanide Sundae and Hashtag to that second vote!!

Thanks for the support \m/

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Welcome to Cavendishsniff.rocks!!

Welcome to the brand spanking new Cavendish Sniff website!! Keep checking in for all the latest news & gig announcements with more music releases and features to follow.

You've probably already checked out our latest EP "Between Lines" (which is available for download on all major platforms). If you haven't done that or even seen or heard our music yet then you can get a taster by joining our mailing list to receive a free download of "Wasted n' Laid". Also be sure to check out our Youtube channel for the "Whiff of the Sniff" live recordings as well: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJYObaoSNFWB6e_kcQWidQ. It's rock n' roll at it's rawest, exactly how it should be!!

Finally, you can find all of our social media links to the left of the page (who the fuck knows where that appears on your phone?!) so come say hello if you haven't all ready. See you on the road! X

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CD's & T's

Grab a t-shirt and CD while you still can. They're selling fast! CD - £7, t-shirt £12 or the CD/t-shirt/Sticker package for the bargain price of £15! Email us for more info @ cavendishsniff@gmail.com Go on treat yourself....... image description